Q:How do I complete a mission?
A:Mission description will mention a star system you have to be flying towards to activate the mission; while on the way, any objects related to the mission will be marked as yellow dots on the radar. Depending on the mission, you might have to destroy or escort a particular ship. When you arrive at your destination, a screen will come up telling you about any missions you have just completed.

Q:Why are some weapons disabled even though I have enough money?
A:Not all weapons are available on all star systems. Some of the more powerful ones can only be found farther away from the center of the Universe.

Q:How are prices for goods determined? Are they random?
A:Not entirely. While there is a random element to the prices, they are also based on real supply and demand. Some of the hints of these can be found in the star system details in the Map section.

Q:Why do I die so quickly when I fly between space stations?
A:Ultraviolet Dawn is a game of tactics, requiring more than just blowing everything around you to pieces. For example, if you start attacking every ship you see, you will inevitably be killed rather quickly - there are some ships that are vastly more powerful than you when you start. However, by intelligently choosing who to attack, who to avoid, and who to leave in peace, you can achieve much more than with total destruction.

Q:My game crashes when I try to sell an item. What do I do?
A:This is a known bug, which has already been fixed for the upcoming update. For now, a workaround is to first switch to the "Weapons" tab, then switch back to the "Cargo" tab to sell an item - this will avoid the crash.

Q:What do I do if a game crashes?
A:We have not found any cases where a game crashes during gameplay; however, occassionally it might crash on start up or when loading a saved game. Worry not, though - this is simply because Ultraviolet Dawn uses a large number of images, and while the iPhone has sufficient memory, it is not always cleared fully after some applications, preventing more graphics-intensive games, such as ours, from working. A fix for this is simple - simply reboot the device, and the crash should disappear. If it doesn't, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

Q:Are there any easter eggs in the game?
A:Maybe. :)