"Project Phoenix" is an intense, tank-based action game with incredibly detailed levels and fast-paced gameplay. It is considered by many to be one of the most advanced 2D action games for iPhone and iPad today.

After successfully defending a key research facility from invading aliens in "Team Alpha" you have been promoted, and are now in charge of the army's most advanced tank prototype. Your mission? Free the Earth of the evil invaders, which are going to throw their best military technology at you. Can you do it and save the planet?


  • 13 large levels swarming with enemies in 2 episodes.
  • Survival mode gameplay.
  • Ability to create custom levels.
  • Winter and summer missions.
  • Ability to hire teammates for help, teammate formations provided.
  • Fully upgradeable weapons system, including lasers.
  • Call on powerful airstrikes when the going get tough.
  • Three difficulty levels.
  • Two vehicles to play as - a weaponized dune buggy and a tank.
  • Local and global high scores.
  • Save game at any moment in time (includes auto-save).
  • Discoverable map to help with orientation.
  • Awesome music and sound effects.


    Buttons and Controls


    Fearsome battle tank.

    Airstrike for support.

    An intense firefight.

    The forest battle.

    Inventory screen.


    Q:What do I do if a game crashes?
    A:We have not found any cases where a game crashes during gameplay; however, occassionally it might crash on start up or when loading a saved game. Worry not, though - this is simply because Project Phoenix uses a large number of images, and while the iPhone has sufficient memory, it is not always cleared fully after some applications, preventing more graphics-intensive games, such as ours, from working. A fix for this is simple - simply reboot the device, and the crash should disappear. If it doesn't, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

    Q:How do I complete a level?
    A:Each level has a different mission you must accomplish. Read the beginning briefing before each level, and it will tell you what needs to be done.

    Q:What is the difference between the four differently-colored inventory spots and the rest of them?
    A:The four spots at the top correspond to the items your vehicle is currently equipped with. These are the ones used for shooting - everything else, except airstrikes and armor, becomes inactive when it is placed into other inventory spots (the general inventory).

    Q:Do I have to carry armor to make it work?
    A:No. You can just keep it in your general inventory, and it will do its job of reducing enemy damage to you.

    Q:What about airstrikes?
    A:Airstrikes are similar - you do not have to actually carry them to be able to use them. Keeping them in the general inventory is sufficient.

    Q:Can I buy more than one armor item? Will they all work or just one?
    A:You can absolutely buy more than one armor item, and they will all continue working, accumulating protection from enemy hits. However, there is a limit to prevent situations where the player would become completely invincible.