Other Applications

Please find a selection of our other games and applications below. They ran out of space on the top bar, but were still fun to play with, so instead of disappearing they got a new, dedicated section for themselves. :)

Wooleyball is a cleverly named fresh take on a classic "match five" series of games for iOS and Mac OS X. In addition to the classic gameplay, it adds a number of new twists, including furries instead of simple spheres, portals, color changers, bombs, and more. Download it and take a look today!

Disk Falcon, is a brand-new disk scanning utility for Mac OS X. Based on highly acclaimed game engine used in "Ultraviolet Dawn", Disk Falcon shines with the polish of over three years of engine development and testing.

Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti is a one-touch, real-time strategy game in a Universe where the two races are locked in a fierce fight for survival.

Wordastic is a beautiful and unique designed word game, set in a magically animated world. Feature two modes and multiple speeds, it provides either relaxed or fast-paced, competitive gameplay.

Ravelous is a simple but addictive untangling puzzle game. It takes a very simple puzzle and adds time, rapidly decreasing level points, and world-wide player ranking to make for a compelling competitive experience.

Swirlicity is a fun particle drawing, swirling and twirling iPad app based on the physics of fluid dynamics. It doesn't just let you draw and then swirl particles - it also has an attract and repel modes, automatic wind toggle, and even lets you turn any image of yours into particles and manipulate that! All this is done to a beautiful, calming ambient background music.

Team Alpha is a fast-paced top-down action game. You play as an elite commando whose task is to eradicate all mutants in a government lab where a secret biological experiment has gone awry. To stop them from multiplying, you have to destroy all ten reactors which power the incubators.